To Lucid Liberations

My name is Faery

I’m a multimedia performance artist who practices therapy using hypnosis to help my clients to grow and develop their self expression in the ways they desire.

Self expression is not limited to Performing though; your self expression could be;
Having flowing conversations with friends,
Meeting work demands,
Making your self care a priority
Releasing old Habits that no longer serve you,
Being in touch with your emotions,
And so much more.

Many times it’s easier to identify with where we are currently, rather than where we wish to be going. Things I hear when I start work with my clients are;

You long to act the way you wish you would in your mind’s eye, no longer playing old roles or old habits. You long for your affirmations to stick and the changes you’ve been cultivating to become effortless. Feeling flawed, or different from others, yet not wanting to be one of the crowd, trapped in the ideas of what others think you should be; life feels like an uphill battle of just wanting to express your deep true self effortlessly.

You have people in your life, yet you feel alone, not connected, though at the same time worn down, without boundaries, anxieties and emotions can put you on edge. Wondering if you can love or be loved, yet knowing deep down you can and are, it’s as though a part of you just doesn’t let it through.

If that sounds like you, fear not, it means we’ll get along, ‘cause I’ve been there, both in my personal journey and with assisting my clients on theirs. When we focus on clarifying their goals it tends to look something like this…

Self Love,
Self Esteem/Worth
Creative Blocks
Self Expression
Releasing and Unpacking Gender Expression
Intimate Relationship Dynamics
I am here
to cultivate sessions created specifically to suit your personal goals,
to anchor in the new habits, beliefs and attitudes that you would rather have. To stabilize your boundaries and ground in the awareness that you are loved and accepted as you are, as well, instigate the courage, and resilience to create the positive changes you desire in your life.

Sound Familiar? Take a look at the “What You Can Expect” Page where it goes in depth over these areas and how they are addressed and what sessions look like.



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