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“Faery is phenomenal to work with, always showing such compassion and commitment to her clients and their unique journey. Her creative abilities and passion for helping everyone reach their truest form of self-expression makes for a remarkably talented therapist. Thank you Faery for always being so wonderful!”

– Tamara


“Faery created a safe and comfortable environment for me to work towards my goals in a deep and effective way. Her style of hypnotherapy allowed for me to float into my subconscious and look at the core beliefs which were holding me back. For the entire process, I was in the drivers seat; Faery used her professionalism, depth of knowledge, and ever-evolving insight to guide me exactly where I wanted to go. Together we uncovered my core beliefs, untangled the reason for their origin, and gentle transformed them. The process satisfied my rational side because we explore how and why certain tendencies are developed. This allowed my mind to relax so we could do deeper work. Since my work with Faery I have noticed huge shifts in my ability to make conscious decisions from a point of stability, instead of just reacting to external stimulus. I feel calmer, more at peace, and have made serious (and playful) movements towards my goals. Friends who had no idea about the work I was doing with Faery are noticing changes in my behavior and a new lightness in my voice. I feel empowered and present. I am seeing increasing effects of this work each day. I am so grateful to Faery for the lightheartedness, love, and the educated and intuitive understanding she brings into her practice.”



“Faery is an utterly wonderful person. She will guide you through hypnotherapy with compassion. By trying to understand you as well as she possibly can, she creates a safe space for you to understand yourself and move forward in life.She has changed my life and helped me love myself.”
– Bella


Faery did a wonderful job of helping me navigating some of the challenges I was facing. We worked together for 2 months; and the whole period was split in line with the two main challenges we identified. During the whole process, Faery shown an outstanding level of compassion, which is, I believe, what makes them a skillful and talented therapist. I had my fair share of assumptions about how hypnotherapy work, to which they were happy to review, and explain with great knowledge how they work with hypnotherapy
Each session was deep and fruitful, as each was empowering and was providing me with new tools to understand my life, as well as my behaviors.

After my dad passed, I was left on my own devices, without any proper closure, that left me wounded, and unable to come to terms with old stories that were playing in my head. The hypnotherapy helped to build a space where closure could be possible again, and where I was able to finally let go of him, and start to reclaim my own life and life choices.
I was also struggling with drug addictions for more than 10 years, with a lack of proper understanding as to why such strong addictions developed. With Faery’s help, we were not only able in no time to tap into the roots of my addictions, but also work on a recovery path that ultimately ended with me being sober for almost a month now after having used continuously.

After two months, we were able to build proper and respectful closure with a family member I lost, as we were able to work on some behavior that were no longer serving me, behaviors I was lost into for so many years.
I feel empowered, lighter, and armed with a whole new level of clarity. Thank you Faery for the work and the support along the way, for that, I am forever grateful

Faery’s approach to hypnotherapy is both comprehensive and comfortable. She makes the process of approaching a specific issue or problem understandable not just in goal, but in method. I walked in attempting to resolve an issue affected by a phobia, but came away not just with a resolution, but a greater understanding of how phobias work and phobia management. Thanks to Faery’s work, I am now better equipped in processing my own response to the world at large. She is comfortable, approachable, and without Judgement. Hypnotherapy with Faery is a profound positive mental health experience, and I would recommend her to anyone with a challenge to overcome.

“Faery, in a compassionate and thoughtful way, guided me through the process of discovering obstacles in my life as well as some beliefs that I had developed that were holding me back from expressing my true self. Hypnotherapy with Faery was profoundly effective in building confidence and self-esteem, in understanding the root of my fears, and in abolishing thoughts and habits that were limiting and not serving me in a positive way. The sessions I received with her completely changed my life and I walked away from all of them feeling more clarity, more freedom, and more self-acceptance and understanding. I’m so very grateful for her skills, her knowledge and wisdom, and her capacity to be such a caring and professional individual.”

– Taylor


“Faery has helped me to access my inner resources and move me forward in multiple personal goals including kick-starting my business. She helped me overcome obstacles and barriers that stood in my way so I could leap into the unknown with more strength and resiliency. Her intuition, kindness and expertise guide her practice for excellent results. Thank you for all your help Faery. I will forever carry these gifts with me to support and guide me through life.”

– Andrea

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