Express Your Whole Self


Self expression comes in many forms.
From the way we dress, dance, interact, present, perform and more.  


Hypnotherapy helps you to express your deepest inner self.

Hypnotherapy – $90/hr Discount Packages Available

Therapy with hypnosis, is a relaxing and effective way to release patterns, beliefs, or old ways of doing things while anchoring in the clients preferred actions, beliefs and goals.

A hypnosis session is like a guided meditation that has been personally created for you to achieve your goals. The client is always in control and sessions are tailored to suit your needs.

My focus in sessions is to be free of judgment, to be supportive, and create the sessions that are ideal for your needs and goals.

My passion is helping to encourage the deepest and truest expression of ourselves, without fear, anxieties, depressions, or any self limiting beliefs that that been picked up hold myself or others back.

From self-expression on stage, to the gender-queer who wants to be comfortable in their own skin, I want to help liberate you into your true self expression, whatever that is for you.

Reflexology – $75/hr

Reflexology is a form of massage that is focused to relaxing the hands and the feet. This serves as a wonderful stress and tension relief for the whole body as we use our hands and feet almost constantly throughout the day, our feet carrying our full body-weight develop stress tensions, and our hands suffer through many repetitive motions and can suffer damages easily.

Reflexology is a wonderfully non-invasive and less intimate form of massage, and is very helpful for general relaxation. Those whom have body dysphoria (Body Dysmorphic Disorder) can also still benefit as the hands and feet generally have less associated anxiety, there by the client can still get full relaxation benefits with out the fear and associations of the rest of their body impacting the situation.

As well, Reflexology can hone in and relax a specific area of the body besides the hands and feet, because it promotes relaxation, this causes increased blood flow and helps the body to self heal. Additionally, because the nerves that end in the hands and feet pass through the rest of the body, specific areas can be addressed. Ie; back, shoulders, ect. Without needing to directly manipulate those locations. This means that when acute pain is present, it can be addressed, without further aggravating the area.

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